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    Palmetto breeders in Cananda.

    I've been looking to buy a palmetto to someday breed to a motley opal but been having hard time finding breeders in Canada. I'm hoping to avoid importing from the states.
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    Motley corn snakes for sale.

    Have some motley morphs available at 8 months old: 0.0.6 normal possible het hypo, lavender, amel, stripe $65 0.0.1 hypo possible het lavender, amel, stripe $75 0.0.1 amel possible het lavender, stripe, hypo $75 Shipping within Canada only and not included in price.
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    This looks like a motley/stripe opal, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts? http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/pullman1/media/P9030567.jpg.html?sort=3&o=35 http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/pullman1/media/P9030568.jpg.html?sort=3&o=34
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    Help with id.

    I've been trying to id some babies in my first clutch and these ones I can't tell if they are normals or lavenders. Parents are motley/stripes het amel, lavender, hypo. http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/pullman1/media/P9210583.jpg.html?sort=3&o=19 Sirius...
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    After lurking for several years I finally decided to join. I have two motley/stripe het lavender, hypo, amel corn snakes named Annie and Spitfire and their 14 babies. I can't thank rrr corns enough for producing the parents. Will post pics when I can.