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  1. Niels K.

    Fire cubed, Ultramel motley, Opal and Lavender!

    I maked some pictures today, hope you all like it! I am very happy with the fire cubed, it is a STUNNER :bang: in my eyes!
  2. Niels K.

    fire CUBED, and stripe PH. diffused

    The fire cubed was shed again :bang: , so here are some new pics!! Also her sister the stripe was showing her body for a nice shot..!
  3. Niels K.

    Photo request: fire cubed, and a extra of lava and ultramelmotley

    A friend askes me to make some more pics of the fire cubed, so here they are!! Some pics are olmost the same, I shoot some from the same position. The only difference is that I put my flash of sometimes!
  4. Niels K.

    fire cubed!!!!!

    I`ll promised to keep you guys up to date with this animal... So thats why I post some pics again! Hope you like it all. Niels
  5. Niels K.

    I promised you guys to keep you up to date with the amel bloodred cubed!

    Well the Amel bloodred cubed has shed again, so I need to post new pics!! The colours are amazing!! The feeding picture is 1 shed before the other pictures... Can you see the difference?
  6. Niels K.

    some youngsters!

    I just need to love to looks of my critters! The amber looks great!! :cool: BUT, I was wondering about the belly of the stripe, any one haves seen that before? She is a poss. het bloodred.
  7. Niels K.

    New photo`s: amel blood cubed? (NEW)

    In the first 2 pictures she was in shed. The last 2 are after!! I think I just love this snake.. so beautifull! Wel Joe what do you think now about this stunning animal? :crazy02: Greetings, Niels
  8. Niels K.

    New Morph?!

    This year I finally bred my het`s. amel bloodred motley poss. het charcoal against each other. the first hatchling was the biggest suprise!! I also got a bloodred/normal stripe?! I am just wondering what you guys thinking about that! The pictures from the amel bloodred motley are making on the...