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  1. bah14

    First Feeding

    My corn is a female, born 6/21/04. Today is 4 days since i got her and i placed small pinkies in a dish on the warm side of the tank for her. It's only been a few hours, but i watch her bump into them and not even bother to bite them. Is she just not hungry?! I might add that i dressed the cage...
  2. bah14

    What's a great night time lamp for viewing?

    I'm currently testing the temp range b/t night and day to gauge what kind of blub i want to use for nocternal viewing. I've seen black, red, and blue light. A little extra heat is ok, but frmo a functional standpoint,it's the light that i am after. Right now i have a 75 watt red lamp. I may...
  3. bah14

    My (06/21/04) Corn thread (will update as i go)

    So it's my first snake (not my first reptile) and I'm excited about it, so i thought i'd vent all in one thread. My tank is a well setup 50gal breeder (36x18x18). It's really big and my lil' bugger is still very small. This is a possible issue and i am thinking of moving her to a smaller...
  4. bah14

    What "separate" container do you feed your corn in?

    Just looking for good suggestions. I can only assume that the best way is to feed them in "said" separate container w/in their normal tank/enclosure (me = 50gal breeder tank).
  5. bah14

    Tank too big for new corn?

    getting a new corn this wednesday. I can only assume that it will be a few months old (d.o.b. mid/late 2004). I have a tank properly set up for the new corn, however i just want to ask if the size is of any concern: 50 gal breeder 36lx18wx18h. I had this already and wanted to start the snake...