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  1. M

    They have arrived...

    I just got an unrelated pair of hypo snows from Don at South Mountain... they are adorable. Both have little heart shapes on their heads! Hopefully I will be able to post pics of Valentino and Valentine (and my other kids) soon!
  2. M

    So Cal Folks...

    There is going to be a discussion about Brumation tonight (I know, short notice) by a local herp specialist/vet. The talk will be at Radical Reptiles, located inside Hobby City, in Buena Park, at 7:30 pm. Hope you can make it out. I know I will have a lot of questions! Mare
  3. M

    Question on "Combos", Serp, Rich...

    I am really curious about the so called "combo" morphs. Amber, being from Caramel to Hypo and Butter being from Caramel to Amel... Is this something that shoes up in the F1 generation or is the combo morph the result of breeding 2 F1's together? Jeez, I read and read and get more and more...
  4. M

    She Has Arrived!

    After much nail biting and a missed delivery yesterday, my female Miami (now named Ruthie) has arrived! I can now relax a little. I was so afraid I was going to open the box to find a dead snake... but aside from being thirsty, she is fine and just lovely. I hope to have some pics up one of...