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    Coral Ghost Update

    Here is our Coral Ghost Roseus: ~6 months old weighs around 13g now. Which is just a bit more than he weighed when we originally got him. He went 2 months without eating and dropped down to a low of 7g, so we're just glad he's back up in weight. He just shed today, unexpectedly (he even...
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    Not eating

    Hey guys, My corn snake that my girlfriend and I got at then beginning of September hasn't been eating the last little while. When we first got him he was eating fine, then suddenly he stopped, having pretty much no interest in his food at all. When he stopped (Oct 18) we just put him back...
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    My New Coral Ghost

    Finally my girlfriend and I got our corn snake! It's a little Coral Ghost we picked up at the breeder expo (Canadian Reptile Breeder Expo) from The Urban Reptile. They only recently began working with Strawberry and I don't think it's very common yet in Canada. We grabbed the pinkest one they...
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    Using a secondary heat source

    Hey, My girlfriend and I are planning on buying a cornsnake in a few weeks so we've set everything up to make sure it's all working. We just moved into a basement apartment and it is pretty cold. The other day it was around 70F and I'd say it gets lower at times. Right now we have the UTH...