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    Hi all, Ember, my new (he was born in June, I think) amel just had his 3rd shed since he's been with me and for the first time I noticed ants in his enclosure. Our other slither baby (Kether, an cali king) has had ants for a while too. Now our place is a loft and has barn-board floors. There's...
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    Sulfur aka Butter Difusion, aka Bloodred Butter, aka, Difuse Butter

    Hi all, Questions from the noob time! Can anyone tell me how (un-)common Sulfurs are and maybe how much I should expect to pay for one? Also, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have some idea who's breeding them, so I can talk to them directly. Anyone? Pax ITD
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    New Guy Saying Hello!

    Hi all, My Name's Dan, I'm 37 and I live in Toronto. I have two snakes (Ember is an amel corn that I got in Sept and Kether is an albino Cali King that we got in... May, I think?Both were babies when we got them) currently and am looking to add another (corn) shortly. I'm looking forward to...