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  1. C

    What size and type of cage is best?

    I would like opinions on what size and what type of caging is best for a corn snake...I was thinking about something like a boaphile, but I haven't seen a picture of anyone having one with a corn snake in it. I want to invest in the cage he will stay in for the rest of his life. Right now he is...
  2. C

    What kind of Corn did I bring home today??

    I brought a young corn home today because the people who had it didn't want it anymore because it bit there 5 year old son. The snake was never handled and I don't know how often it was fed. It was scared and hungry. It is now living at my house. I am not sure what kind it is. Here are some...
  3. C

    Another caging question!!

    My little corn is about 5 months old and currently lives in a 20 gallon critter tank. I plan on purchasing an animal plastics cage for him after the first of the year. Would a cage measuring 48 x 24 x 15 be to big for him if I put ALOT of hides in it? I want to buy what he will spend his...
  4. C

    ANOTHER caging question :-)

    I know there are many different opinoins on caging for the corn snakes...From things I am reading it seems the aquariums are not the best for them to live in. I have mine in a 20 gallon critter tank and would like opinoins on what is the best home for them. I also have a baby mexican rosy boa...
  5. C

    last ones. :-)

    Last ones......connie
  6. C

    more stalker and his pinkie

    Here are a few more. connie
  7. C

    stalker eating a pinkie

    I think I acutally got a few decent pictures of stalker eating a pinkie. He sure does enjoy his meals!!! Connie
  8. C

    baby okeetee?

    I had posted some pictures a few days ago of my baby , Stalker...I just wanted to make sure that he was indeed a okeetee corn...several people said that i needed better pictures..so hopefully these will show him better. Thanks for your help. Connie
  9. C

    stalker had his first shed

    I haven't quite figured out how to take good pictures of the snake yet...but this morning there was a 14" snakeskin fully intact in stalkers cage for me. Guess I have the humidiy correct for him!!! It was his first shed with me. He celebrated by having a nice plump f/t pinkie tonight. Here is...
  10. C

    Dumb question but here goes....

    I am learning that there are lots of color variations in the corn snakes... What exactly is a okeetee... is Okeetee a color? What is the wild phase, Miami phase? I am getting totally confused...I thought I bought a baby okeetee corn, but now I am not so sure. Only thing i am sure of is that...
  11. C

    Baby Okeetee

    This is stalker, by baby corn snake. I do not know about all of the various types of corns, but where I purchased him I was told he was a Okeetee. Just wanted opinons to make sure that is what he is. He is just a pet and the only corn i have. I also have a baby rosy boa..and my husband has...
  12. C

    Cage size

    I am going to have my son-in-law build a case to house two aquariums in...one for my baby corn, stalker and the other for my baby Mexican rosy boa, balboa. They will be one on top of the other with room for lighting, ect. I think there will be a cabinet below the cages and book shelves above...
  13. C

    Corner cage stand?

    I have two 20 gallon critter cages for my babies..One is a mexican rosy boa and the other a okeetee corn snake. I have them in a corner of my computer room. I would like to have a stand built for the cages to sit on that looks nice, but do not know of anyone who makes custom stands...or who...
  14. C

    Humidty level in cage

    This is all new to me!! I have a baby rosy boa who is supposed to have very low humidity and now a baby corn that is supposed to have humidity in his cage. they are both kept in the same room. HOW do I raise the humidity in the corns cage? It is a 20 gallon tank with aspen on top of a piece...
  15. C

    Picture of my new baby

    THis is a picture of "Stalker" my first corn snake. He is a Okeetee and very sweet. Pictues didn't turn out the best..will try to get better ones to post. connie
  16. C

    Which is bigger-male or female?

    I know that in a lot of snakes the female is the bigger of the two. Which is bigger in the corn snakes...I have a baby male Okeetee corn I just brought home today. He is so tiny. I know they grow fast though. He ate a pinky for me tonight and he is resting now. Thanks connie
  17. C

    New corn snake mom

    Hi!!! My name is Connie and I got my first corn snake today . He is a baby (born in July) Okeetee....He is just beautiful. I brought him home and put him in his new enclosure (a 20 gallon aquarium) offered him a pinkie mouse and I was surprised how fast he struck that little thing. I think he...