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  1. Rake

    Phoenix Reptile Show (Mesa)

    Did anyone go to the show today? I'm going tomorrow with lots of family, and will be looking for a Hognose and 3' tanks for my existing snakeys. Hope I'm not in for a let down :dancer:
  2. Rake

    Question for breeders

    Breeders, a question for you: Do you sell all of your hatchlings each year? It seems difficult to believe that the snake trade is expanding at such a rate that it consumes all of the hatchlings I see getting brought to market across all species (corns, balls, etc.). Not only that, but there are...
  3. Rake

    New baby Miami!

    I'm not supposed to be handling this guy for a couple more days, but I spotted stuck shed pieces on him and had to deal with that. I ended up discovering that he's totally cool with handling at the 3 day mark. :crazy02: So anyway, I took some pics of him and his tank:
  4. Rake

    You get $1k to start out...

    I was watching some SnakeBytes, and came across this episode. In it, they discuss how they would start out a ball python business with $1k, $5k and $10k as their start-up fund. You can buy ridiculous amounts of stuff with $5k and $10k, so that pretty much went right over my head. The choices you...
  5. Rake

    Found thrown away terrarium, hmmm...

    I was at my sisters apartment on Sunday babysitting, and when I went to throw a diaper-filled trash bag into the dumpster on my way home... I see it. Just sitting there, stood up in the dumpster area, is what I would guess is a 40 gallon terrarium. It's filled with trash bags and other loose...
  6. Rake

    Which pink morphs stay pink as an adult?

    I'm trying to find out if there is a Corn that will stay/become pink as it grows up. From what I'm seeing the snow's and orchid's and such turn white/yellow/orange between hatchling and adulthood, and I'd like to steer clear of that. Are there any morphs that are pink through and through? The...
  7. Rake

    King owner looking into Corns

    I've been looking into getting a third snake recently, and I seem to have taken a bigger interest in Corns then another King. The adult King I have is a constant bite risk (got her at 3 years old, taming her has been a losing battle), and the yearling is constantly trying to get away while...