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  1. snakepimp

    Long time, quit the biz, but I want some Corns again!

    Hi there, I used to be a regular here for a couple years, and for several years I bred snakes on a semi-commercial basis. I quit the business of breeding reptiles, and all I have now is a pair of het Kahl-albino Boas. Lately I have been missing corn snakes. They really are my favorite species...
  2. snakepimp

    Opal Het for Caramel.

    I just found out my Opal is HET FOR CARAMEL! Sweet~ I bred my Opal female to my Caramel Motley het for Amel and Hypo, They threw Normals, Amels, 2 Caramels, and a Butter! That means the Butter is het for Lavender Motley. The Caramels Are het for Amel, Lavender, and Motley, the Amels are het...
  3. snakepimp


    What do you think this is? Dam and Sire were both Anery het for lavender and hypo.
  4. snakepimp

    Some of my favorites from this year.

    Some of my favorite baby corns from this year...
  5. snakepimp

    Possible "Snopal Motleys" hatching!

    Well, a couple years back I started with a "lavender" male and a "motley" female. I knew the motley was proven het for amel. The offspring came out mostly normal, but out of 26, 1.2 were amels. "Sweet, the Lavender is het for amel." I said to myself. I bred that same male to a ghost (virgin) and...
  6. snakepimp

    Ghost Lavenders; painful for dial-up users.

    I hatched my first clutch of F2's this year from siblings that are Anery Het-for-Lavender and Hypo and also possible het for amel. They did not prove out to both be het for amel..no big surprise. The resultant clutch should contain; Anery multiple poss. hets. Ghosts Lavender Anerythristics...
  7. snakepimp

    Brady Barr first man to capture every species of CROCODILIAN!!!

    History in the making! You heard it here first. Brady Barr is the first man in history to capture every crrocodile species. My wife (girlfriend actually,) is the massage therapist of Dr. Barr's mother, and Mrs. Barr occasionally brings news snippets regarding her remarkable son to Becky, for me...