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  1. H

    Question on Morphs/Genetics...

    I've bought the Corn snake manual and have read up, but I'm still having trouble finding out what some pairs would make. I'm waiting on a 1.0 Snow possible het. lavender and an 0.1 Anery het Amel Hypo. If I breed these I'm assuming their offspring will all be het snow and anery if they aren't...
  2. H

    Someone Please correct me if I'm wrong...

    CORRECT: Corn snakes should an appropriately sized prey item based on the widest part of their body. They DO NOT eat things 3 times the size of their body.
  3. H

    What is this?

    Can someone tell me what morph this is? I could not think of it and this guy says it might be something new but I doubt that. Orange amel? Some weird ghost amel?
  4. H

    How much?

    Well, I will be getting into some serious Ball Python breeding and I may have to let my little Icelos go. I probably won't have the heart to do it, but just in case I have to think of my snakes and properly being able to care for them. I was wondering how much I should sell him for. He just...
  5. H

    Breeding Rats

    I've looked on several different sites and found some good information but I still have a few questions. My BP and BCI take 2 mice each, once a week and my cornsnake takes a fuzzy a week *would take more if I offered*. Do you think it would be cheaper to just buy? I wanted to move the two big...
  6. H

    Feeding questions

    The first meal I fed my little guy was a mouse pinkie, he took it down no problem. There was no lump on him so I was thinking that maybe he needed 2 of them, or something bigger but I just brushed it off as nothing. Well today I think someone from the petstore either gave me a rat pinkie or an...
  7. H

    I Need Serious Help

    I cannot get the temperatures of my corn's plastic enclosure up. I'm using a human heating pad set on medium. I can barely keep the viv around 75-80. I know this is bad for him but I can't seem to raise the temperature anymore unless I turn the heat on in my room (which can't be done all the...
  8. H

    Yay He's Here!

    I meant to write this last week, but didn't have the time nor was I home. My little male Amel came last Tuesday morning in tip top shape. I just started taking him out yesterday after coming home from Cali. He is one mean little guy. He flattens his head out, rattles his tail, and strikes/bites...
  9. H

    I Dream of Corns?

    Okay this is really stupid, but I had to say it. A couple nights ago I was waiting for my mom to call me and okay the use of the PayPal account (She's in CA) to *finally* buy my cornsnake. So I was thinking about it all day and she never called. Naturally I went to sleep with cornsnakes on the...
  10. H

    How Big is TOO big?

    Okay, another question. I decided that maybe I didn't like how small the rubbermaid shoebox I had was. So, in my search around the house I found a 50qt. container. Is this too big for a small cornsnake?
  11. H

    Rubbermaid Shoebox?

    How long should I keep a hatchling in one of these enclosures for? He was born August 6th and is still small. I'm in the process of paying and having him shipped to me. I made a hole in it that connects to a hide box so he could have more room. But should I just keep him in there for a week and...