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    Question about what to feed my corn

    Ok so last feeding she ate a fuzzy and 2 pinkies because I noticed she ate the fuzzy alot quicker than she normally does so I gave her 2 pinkies I had left over from when she used to eat them. I think she's just barely big enough to eat a hopper but I'm not sure. Should I continue feeding her a...
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    Will burning incense bother my snake?

    Just wondering cuz I like burning incense but I don't wanna harm the lil guy. Thank you
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    Why won't my snake attack it's food?

    I feed her FT fuzzies and I wiggle em around but all she'll do is just grab onto it she won't try and constrict it or anything. It looks like she MIGHT be trying to do something but maybe can't? maybe it has something to do with the fact that I feed her in a cardboard box perhaps? I just thought...
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    Man throws python against wall; beats his wife afterwards.

    http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_13422860 Yet he wasn't charged with animal cruelty! If it was a dog or cat he'd be all over the news but no not a nasty snake they're not even fuzzy.
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    Feeding my amel fuzzies

    even tho it only weighs 14g? I weighed it and assuming I didn't weigh it wrong thats all it weighs. I was looking at the munson plan and it says I should be only giving it one pinky, but she ate 2 easily a week ago. So just this weekend I gave her a fuzzy because it was just 1.5 times her size...
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    My amel corn snake pooped on me

    So I was laying in bed with her tonight, and normally she just crawls around me and I watch her so she doesn't stray far. She crawled up my sleeve and layed on my arm for a little bit. Then she came down, hid under one of the folds of my shirt, and left me a present. Nasty looking stuff lol. My...
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    I fed my snake earlier today and now i'm worried

    It was in it's feeding box but it kept trying to escape after I fed it because my stupid self didn't have the right type of lid to contain it. So after it kept trying to escape I finally decided to gently pick it up and put it back in its cage...I know I shouldn't have. I should've just taken...
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    Skipping a couple days in feeding?

    I have an albino corn snake that's about 13-14 inches long. I last fed her Tuesday and it's no Thursday. I was planning on feeding her today because I'm gonna be heading out of town Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday. Should I just wait til I get back on Sunday? The people at the store said...
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    Can i turn my heat lamp off overnight?

    It's really bright and I won't be able to sleep. I just got my albino corn snake today and didn't even think about it! It'll only be for 8 hours. My house stays around 78 all night.