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    Aspen Bedding-Ant infestation

    Never had this happen before on an animal! About a week ago I was walking by my corn's cage and saw a trail of sugar ants coming out of the cage. I thought, oh no, the snake died (he hides 90% of the time) so I took the cage outside and striped it down. Corn snake was fine and a little peeved at...
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    Cull or let try again?

    Last night when I happened to look in the mouse cage I discovered one of my very pregnant mammas eating a paw...........upon futher investigation, one of the two week old babies (not hers obviously) was half eaten. I wasn't sure the reason why she ate it, so I seperated her into a small plastic...
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    New litter, old sleeping with?

    Should I be concerned that the older siblings are in the hideaway with the two day old pinkies? During the day momma keeps them all out, but come sleeping time they all pile together. No sign of the older ones nursing mamma, and she's doing well (walnuts are her favorite treat), and all the...
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    Sick rat-healthy mice?

    A friend of mine asked me to rat sit for a week, seems his two snakes weren't as hungry as he thought. I said, okay, no prob.......went and picked up a pair of rats (youngish). The larger of the two is sneezing off and on-no runnynose, eats well (darn near got me when doing after some dog food I...
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    What age do they calm down?

    How old are corns when they start to get out of their jumpiness? I've got a 5 month old corn who still thinks I'm going to eat him. If he's hungry, he's calmer cause hes figured out I'm not going to feed him till he calms down a bit (my defintion of calm on him is sliding around my hands and...
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    ping pong ball stage-how much longer?

    The female mousie I bought a couple of days ago is getting bigger (didn't think that was possible)... pooor thing really does look like a ping pong ball with this itty bitty head and tiny feet. I can see individual lumps poke out as she moves around (pretty funny really)... since I bought her...
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    grouchy cause wants to hibernate?

    I went to a snake show to get a ball python yesterday-while I was there I talked to the breeder I got my newly nasty corn from. When I told him about it suddenly getting grouchy, he said it may be because it wants to hibernate because the temperatures have dropped. I hadn't considered that! He...
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    cute but....stinky?!?! how do desmell?

    So I was ina pet store (dangerous place for me) and saw this cute little mousie... and I happen to have a cute little corn snakie who loves pinkies... so I decided, what the heck, I'll get a pair of mice. She's a beautiful black and white satin mousie, he's just black and white....wellll...
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    Normal behavior change?

    So I thought my little okeetee (4 months old) had lost his little mind.... up until yesterday, he'd never struck at me in the 6 weeks I've had him. He'd just finished his second molt (!!!) since I've had him, so I knew he was hungry. But before, even when hungry, he never went after me. After...
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    What is snake poo supposed to look like?

    OK, here's what is probably a dumb question. Exactly what is snake poop supposed to look like? I have a thre emonth old corn snake, had him for a few weeks. He eats like a little piggy, gets two pinkies a week (would take more), has already shed once and is milky eyed like he's doing it again...