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    Reptile Auctions

    Has anyone ever used ReptileAuction.com ? I tried to register and it wouldn't send me my password after it said it would. Now it says it did, but it hasn't. There is no one to e-mail as every e-mail address for assistance comes back as not deliverable. Any ideas???
  2. H

    I'm Thinking Egg Bound

    Cider (my normal het butter) laid 23 eggs last Friday night-Sat morning. She is a nice big healthy girl, her weight was 600 grams, 3 years old. This was her first year breeding. All eggs came out with no problem rather quickly except 2. There are 2 eggs left and they are down by the vent. They...
  3. H

    Free Herp Care Software

    In case anyone is intrested in a free herp care software program, I just came across this a couple of days ago. The guy is still working on tweaking some things and is open to sugestions. I really like it myself. http://www.thegeckocam.com/hcs/what/index.php
  4. H

    They Finially Ate!!!

    After trying everything in and out of the book and forums, I took two pinkies, thawed in hot water, and then rubbed them all over my crested geckos. The geckos thought they were getting a massage. I rubbed bellies, head, everywhere. I gave one to my Opal and one to my Hypo Bloodred. Put them...
  5. H

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Question

    Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to build a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Chamber for euthanizing mice. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks...
  6. H

    Calcium Supplement ...

    I have read numerous times about females needing extra calcium added to their feedings this time of year, but what do you all use and how do you administer it? I have a couple that will be breeding for my first time. All help is greatly appreciated...Thanks!
  7. H

    Weighing Scales

    I'm looking for a new scale for weighing my Corns and BP's. So I'm asking for some feedback here. What scale do you use and do you like it? Thanks...
  8. H


    What could I expect to get from a Male Bloodred to a Pewter Female crossing? Any ideas?
  9. H

    Blue Corn Update!

    Well, I went to the reptile show today and I decided to go for it. I bought a pair of the het "Blue Corns". They are Snow Motley x Blue Corn. The female has the Snow Motley look and the male is a Light Anery looking fellow with light pink running through him and on his saddles. Very pretty. Time...
  10. H

    Tub Sizes...

    I am presently using Rubbermaid tubs in a home made rack set-up. My tubs are about 33"L x 13"W x 12"H. I'm looking to purchase a plastic made lighter rack, but most of the tubs are only 6" high and about 22" x 16". I always felt like these may be small for full grown Corns, but they say it is...
  11. H

    Blue Corn???

    I was at a reptile show today and a guy had a Snow x Blue Corn and an Anery X Blue. He said the Blue was a new morph that they were experimenting with, but that the one parent was blue. Anyone know anythig about this? He also had some hatchling "Rainbow Corns" but wasn't selling them. Any...
  12. H

    Corn Snake Progeny Predictor Question

    I'm using the C.S Progeny Predictor Program, but what do I click on to equal a BloodRed Corn? There isn't a block to check for "Bloodred" Thanks!
  13. H

    In Search of Rich Z

    I have e-mailed Rich to try and get some hatchlings held for me till the MARS show. Haven't got any reply. Does anyone know how to reach him? Or does he just not hold snakes anymore till shows? Thanks....
  14. H

    Root Beer Corns

    I'm looking for a picture or link to a picture of a Root Beer Corn. Thank you....
  15. H

    Summer Temperatures...

    My office where I keep my snakes is up to 92*. I don't have the air on in here because I heard it can cause respitory infections. It goes down in the mid to upper 70's at night but the day temps are high. Is this ok? Their heat tape is on a thermostat that goes on at 83* I'm just worried about...
  16. H

    Aggressive Yearling Question...

    I'm getting ready to pick up a Snow Corn that has been in this pet shop for almost a year. She appears healthy and I've seen her eat. The problem is, every time the owner tries to pick her up out of the tank, she rattles her tail and strikes and bites. Is this something that can change over time...
  17. H

    Input Needed on Rack System Please

    I'm checking into this custom built rack I found in the Classifieds. I have a Ball and 3 Corns. My largest corn is about 3 1/2 ft. and still growing. The rubbermaid containers are 24"L x 16 1/2"Wx 6"D...I thought it was a little small but the guy said he houses all his Balls in them and has...
  18. H

    "Popping" Question-Please Help

    I had heard somewhere that there was something called "Popping" to tell the sex of your corn. Mine is 9 Months old and I need to no what sex it is. Any and all info on this procedure would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone out there done this and how do you do it?
  19. H

    Disapointing Show for Corns

    Unless they all sold before 11:00 am, there was not much of a selection on corns at all at the Harvre de Grace Show in MD. Actually, hardly any at all :( . I will hopefully find my Butter at another. I did get a sweet Ball Python Ringer; 9 months old. Couldn't leave empty handed...
  20. H

    Heat Tape Question?

    I just bought 4" wide heat tape, 6' long. I bought a ESU Reptile Electronic Controller to regulate it. I have 2 tanks on a 6' shelf, same size, 20 gallon long on it. I have it set for 85 on the warm side and I can't get it past 79. Is 4" wide enough? The guy who sold it to me said it was but...