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  1. Karoni

    Carefresh question

    Hi guys. My vet is recommending that I switch to Carefresh as a substrate instead of aspen sani chips. Rusty has some problems with shedding, even though I increase his humidity, and he won’t use a humid hide. She says that she finds snakes typically do better with shedding with Carefresh. I’ve...
  2. Karoni

    Advice on possibly finding new owner for my two snakes

    I'm feeling so sad writing this, as I think about possibly giving up my two snakes. I have a chronic illness and it's been getting worse. I'm beyond exhausted and I forget a lot these days. I've noticed that the level of care I’ve been giving my snakes has slipped. I still take pretty good...
  3. Karoni

    No Poop / New Substrate / Winter

    As they've gotten older, my guys take longer to digest their meals and defecate, which I believe is normal. I normally see poop about a week after a meal, but occasionally it happens a bit sooner or later. It's been one week and five days since they've eaten and neither has pooped. Normally...
  4. Karoni

    Snake eggshells needed for park project

    Hi all! I am creating a snake Discovery Box for a local park to further snake education. The box will have activities/games, a story book, and an education binder in it. One of the things I want to put in the box are snake eggshells. Unfortunately, my two male snakes are not able to comply...
  5. Karoni

    Recommended Surge Protector?

    I saved up my money and finally purchased Herpstat 1 Basic thermostats for my snakes. They are sweet! I read in the user manual that they recommend a surge protector as an added layer of safety. They said to get one rated for large flat panel TVs or computer equipment. Do any of you use one...
  6. Karoni

    Concerned about Shedding

    Rusty has been in the shedding process for about two weeks now. Two weeks ago, I noticed his colors were dark (he is a normal). I am *still* waiting for him to shed. His eyes have been clear since Sunday. It's never taken this long before. Should I be worried? He is an adult. Thanks, guys!
  7. Karoni

    Help with Suction Cups

    I am a suction cup novice, evidently. I have two adult snakes that love to climb. So, I have three separate jungle vines suction cupped to the glass in both enclosures. They like to sit up there and pretend they are tree boas. Unfortunately, the suction cups regularly come off and *plop!*...
  8. Karoni

    Aspen questions the search function didn't answer

    Hi guys. I've been using newspaper for years. After doing a ton of research on all the substrate available out there, I've decided to give aspen a try. But I have a few questions I couldn't find answers for. Help! :) -How deep do you make your aspen substrate? On one hand, I want them to...
  9. Karoni

    Confused about Substrate Issue

    Hi guys. I've been wanting to switch my snakes from newspaper to something more natural looking. I read Philippe de Vosjoli's book, The Art of Keeping Snakes. He seems to favor lamps as a heat source, whereas I prefer UTHs. I'm wondering if it's even possible to keep snakes on a bioactive...
  10. Karoni

    Help: Sweet snake now striking

    About a week and a half ago, I gave my amel, Firefly, to another member on this forum who is well known and has a good reputation. Some things in my life have changed and I found three snakes too much to care for. (I don't know how you all do it with a lot of snakes; you have my admiration.)...
  11. Karoni

    The Story of Eggbert

    I have three rescued snakes, so I didn't know what sex they were when I got them. (They were juveniles.) I had just finished reading my corn snake books by Kathy Love and Don Sodenberg. Kathy's book described how you can sometimes tell the sex of the snake by looking at the length and...
  12. Karoni

    Refused Food

    Mango refused food for the first time since I've had him (2 years). Normally, he is an eager eater. He had just finished shedding about three days before. His temps are perfect, nothing has changed in his viv. Should I be worried? I will try again on the next feeding day. Could this...
  13. Karoni


    I've been thinking of switching to this to make sure my cages are sterilized. But I have a few questions: 1. I read Melissa Kaplan's care sheet on disinfectants (sorry, can't find the link) and she said that this would be safe to use as it doesn't leave any toxic residues in the cage...
  14. Karoni

    Terrarium Stand/Furniture Ideas

    I'm getting ready to upgrade my scalebabies to Exo-Terra terrariums that measure 36w x 18d x 18h. I have them in a small room, so I need to be able to stack two of the vivs, one above the other. So far, the only thing I can find is this double aquarium stand...
  15. Karoni

    Exo-Terra Terrarium Rock Background--Opinions Wanted

    I want to upgrade my snakes to a bigger viv sometime in the next year. I'm leaning towards the Exo-Terra 36x18x18. It comes with a "rock" background, which I think is cool because it looks nice and it gives the snakes something to attempt to climb. Here's my concern. As you know, our beloved...
  16. Karoni

    Feeding Schedule Question

    How do you know when to stop feeding your snakes every week and move them to more of an adult feeding schedule? (I've read adult males every 10-14 days; I'm not sure about adult females that are pet snakes and not breeders. Same schedule?) Is this determined by the snake's weight? Thanks!
  17. Karoni

    Ironic Ad

    I find it funny that one of the banner ads that pops up on the screen when I log onto CS is one for "Snake Control." Most of the people on this forum who had a snake in their house would be posting on here saying, "Cool! Look what I found in my house." ;)
  18. Karoni

    At last! I can join the Bite Club

    I've been bitten before, but it was a "fear" bite. This is my first, "you must be a mouse!" bite. It took forever to get Mango to stop constricting my hand. My iPod takes crummy pictures, but here's the proof. ;) It was totally my fault, too.
  19. Karoni

    Does anybody use this?

    I've been thinking about buying this product for cleaning cages. Does anybody use this? What do you think about it? If you don't use this, what do you use? I'm currently using vinegar/water spray. Thanks...
  20. Karoni

    Nature Journal App/Database

    Hi all. I think this is a long shot, but thought I'd ask. I'm looking for an app that would let me write down what I see on my nature walks. But it also needs to let me search the contents, preferably on multiple criteria. For example, if my data includes: Lake Royal Bullfrog Barn Swallow...