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  1. DanCruzNYC

    FB10 Hatchling / colubrid 7 layer rack system

    Looking to get $250. Snake rack system for 7 snakes. Could house hatchling ball pythons or colubrids. Includes thermostat and heat. Local pick up only.
  2. DanCruzNYC

    Eye color

    Just wondering has anyone ever tried to breed for specific eye color or discovered genes that effect eye color besides Amelanism. I understand in humans blue eyes are a recessive gene. Has anyone gone to the extent of breeding for blue eyed Okeetees for example? Or some other variation of this...
  3. DanCruzNYC

    Scaleless Hatchling Shed Problem

    Would like some advice from keepers of scaleless corn snakes. I have a trio of scaleless hatchlings. Two of them have shed no problem in one piece. Today I found one struggling to shed her skin. It's rolled up by her eyes. She's in a hatchling tub (shoebox size) with under tank heat tape. I...
  4. DanCruzNYC

    Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa

    Hi, Im looking for a female Brazilian Rainbow Boa. I live in NY but I will be at the Hamburg, PA reptile convention on February 26th. I prefer a 2010 but will consider sub-adults to adults depending on price and quality. Thanks Dan
  5. DanCruzNYC

    Free Snake T-Shirt

    Hello to All, My name is Dan, I am an artist, clothing designer, traveling vendor, and life long reptile enthusiast... among other things. I have recently (toward the end of last year) gotten back into keeping corn snakes as a hobby. So I plan to visit the forums from time to time. Right now I...