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  1. Matt L

    Banded Corns!

    I 've been working with a few of these for a couple years now. This pattern would look real nice in a butter or lavender!
  2. Matt L


    motleys,motleys,motleys .........just thought I would share a few!
  3. Matt L

    Merbil or Gouse?

    Well I know this is a little off subject(cornsnakes that is), but I couldn't help sharing this. This little girl popped up in my rodent breeding colony. It is the product of a well established colony. It looks like a cross beween a gerbil and a mouse. the eyes are 3 three times the size it's...
  4. Matt L


    test message
  5. Matt L

    Stripd Snow

    I haven't seen to many of these around...just thought I would share a pic!
  6. Matt L

    No more eggs......

    ......but lots of hatchlings!:D
  7. Matt L


    Well here is a picure of my last clutch for 2002. They just began pipping 09/16/02. Snows and Amels.
  8. Matt L

    Amel Motley Stripe

    I nabbed this little beauty at a show in West Palm Beach.
  9. Matt L

    Power feeding?

    A friend of mine asked me to relocate this little guy. His mouse colony is open to wild corns, and this is the 3rd time he has broken in and helped himself. Six large fuzzies and killed one adult but unable to swallow it. I'm holding release until he digests some of this meal.
  10. Matt L

    Amel Lav?

    and what would you call this?