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  1. Shiari

    Lava shatter clutch

  2. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    She started laying today. Looks to be a decent number of slugs, similar to what Pard produced with Moose a couple years ago. I think he may not be the most fertile male.
  3. Shiari

    Let's talk about Leopard!

    Little 215 there is particularly stunning!
  4. Shiari

    Let's talk about Leopard!

    .... I am absolutely purchasing one of the female babies from your clutch, either a partial leopard or a stripey thing. Gods, I really can't wait for Athael to lay her eggs.
  5. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    Athael has finally had her pre-lay shed! Hopefully I'll have eggs on the ground from her and Pard soon.
  6. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    These are the half-shelled eggs I had from a clutch in 2022. They formed great veins on the parts that had proper shell, but all these eggs ended up dying
  7. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    Larune laid all her eggs and had a total of 14. One is only half-shelled though, so I expect that one to die during incubation. That gives me a total of 36 eggs from the first 3 and now I'm just waiting on Athael. She got two good locks with Pard and she gave me 12 eggs last year so I can...
  8. Shiari

    little corn has a prolapse of some sort?

    Yeah, we definitely need an actual photo to have any hope of identifying it
  9. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    She was 12, so not terribly old but not particularly young either. This was going to be her last clutch before retirement. At least I have a whole pile of her children to raise up, and will have some of her grandbabies hatching this year.
  10. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    It's been a very rough season so far. Gabby ended up throwing some blood clots likely due to cancer and was euthanized. Sova decided she was calcium deficient and needed an injection in order to pass her eggs (9 viable out of 14) but at least she did pass them all and did not require surgery. I...
  11. Shiari

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    We'll see how many of these cooperate... Breeding season usually doesn't begin for me until March, so I've a couple months yet of waiting Gabby x Bansidhe (0.1 charcoal masque het hypo, amel, diffused x 1.0 ghost lavender het charcoal) Hoping for a pile of phantoms het anery lavender to choose...
  12. Shiari

    What Science has Wrought!

    Here's some data compilations from the submissions we've gotten 156 individuals submitted so far 108 are 2 years old or older 83 (77%) of those snakes 2+ years old have fallen between 200 and 500 grams. 21 snakes that are 2+ years old have been above 500 grams (19%), of these 12 have have...
  13. Shiari

    Come Commit Science With Me!

    Having become phenomenally irritated at a 'advanced care, scientific' feeding guide that also includes age/length/weight that is horribly inaccurate and uselessly broad but is still being touted as the best one to use in many snake groups.... I have decided to put my knowledge and skills as a...
  14. Shiari

    Onyx - Charcoal

    Decided I want her to have her own progression thread! Onyx at hatching, August 2022: First shed: December 2022: June 2023: August 2023: November 2023: August 2023 marked her lightest coloration point. The others of the same line that I've kept usually didn't start...
  15. Shiari

    2022 charcoals

    2022 babies from my charcoal het hypo, amel, diffused to a pewter het lavender. These are the lighter colored babies from my clutch, though only one should be truly light colored as an adult. All snakes are currently on large pinks and will be on double pinks in 2 more weeks. Actual shipping...
  16. Shiari

    SpiritSerpends 2023 breeding plans

    Finally a year where I'll have multiple females going again! Including 3 entirely new gals so we'll see how they do. First and most important: Gabby (0.1 charcoal masque het hypo, amel, diffused) to Gallium (1.0 pewter het lavender), parents to my onyx charcoal lines. Expectations: Charcoal...
  17. Shiari

    My 2020 gals

    These ladies are nowhere near as cooperative for photos as Sova was. Larune, the darkest of last year's charcoals het motley 66% hypo a, 50% amel diffused Shenim, one of the aberrant ghosts het lavender 50% charcoal, amel from last year. Not genetic. This gal was my first choice keeper...
  18. Shiari

    Sova - Lavender het charcoal diffused

    She's such a pretty, pretty lady. At hatching, very obvious why these were once called mochas- March 2021, rocking the orange tones- May 2021- And now a big gap to today, October 2021. Camera does not pick up the pink in the peach very well - It's also always interesting how...
  19. Shiari

    Dark Charcoals

    Honestly, considering all the males I've had to breed with Gabby have been extremely light colored, I'm extremely pleased with how these two gals are turning out, especially when compared to their mother at similar ages. Gabrielle (2013 charcoal het hypo amel diffused) age: 4m age: 1yr...
  20. Shiari

    SpiritSerpent's 2021 pairings

    I've finalized my pairs for the year, barring unforeseen circumstances. Gabrielle (charcoal het hypo, amel, diffused) x Bansidhe (phantom moonstone?) - Testing Bansidhe for homozygous charcoal or not. Best case scenario- Charcoals het ghost lavender ph amel diffused, Phantoms het moonstone ph...