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  1. werbwerb


    Some new photos of Ferdinand! He's a hypo from SMR and around 5 months old and about 20 inches long. He's still really friendly and will crawl right onto my hand if I put it in his enclosure.
  2. werbwerb

    My hypo from SMR

    Here's my little guy from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles. I still haven't given him a name yet. I've had him for three weeks now. He's very docile and hasn't ever attempted to strike or bite me. When he's slithering around his enclosure I can open the top and put my hand in next to...
  3. werbwerb

    Texas Vets

    Hey, everyone. :wavey: I'm new and have been doing some research on keeping corn snakes, as I want to keep one as a pet. I searched the web and the forums here for any recommendations on veterinarians in Texas knowledgable about snakes without any luck. The reason I ask is because I came upon...