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  1. Emanon

    2014 Terazzo Cinder & More

    Hello, I am in need of some time and the only way to do that is to cut back on my stock. So... first up... I love this project and the animals coming from it but as I said... all are 2014 feeding on F/T hoppers. 1.0 Terrazzo Cinder ph hypo amel anery $350.00 0.2 Terrazzos ph cinder hypo amel...
  2. Emanon

    Ph Terrazzo, cinder, hypo, amels

    Hello there, so I have one pair of normal ph terrazzo, cinder, hypo, amels left.. they are feeding on frozen thawed mouse pinks and are doing great! I also have a funky pattern ph the same male who is just awesome. 1.1 Normal pair $55.00 1.0 Funky ph $45.00 Normals
  3. Emanon

    Funky Hypo Lav

    Hey all... here is a funky hypo lavender that I hatched out this season... 2 sheds in and she is just... well... funky! A BUNCH of hets with this girl that is for sure! https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-dokOeSpywQE/U90RFG2F8oI/AAAAAAAAC30/WxuDRhkWzpg/w692-h609-no/DSC_0571.JPG
  4. Emanon

    2014 Funky Pattern Collection

    Hi all, I have a few snakes that throw out some funky patterns... so... here is this years funky pattern collection available. All are feeding well on frozen thawed mouse pinks. 0.1 Anery with MANY hets $30.00 0.1 Amel motley/stripe het carmel ph lava $30.00 (poor mans tessera lol)...
  5. Emanon

    Various Adults

    Hello, I am running out of space. All animals are feeding on frozen thawed large and xlg adults. They are all proven breeders with many miles left on them. 1.1 '08 butter stripes $210.00 (proven) 1.1 '10 male hypo het amel anery cinder/ female amel het hypo anery cinder (proven) $200.00 1.1...
  6. Emanon

    1.0 Terrazzo ph cinder amel hypo $395.00

    Hello, this spectacular little man is thriving on frozen thawed mouse pinks and has fed at least 3 times. He was born on 5-22. He is Terrazzo ph cinder, amel and hypo. His breading has been much talked about in the photo section. Buyer pays shipping... if you would like a female normal ph...
  7. Emanon

    '14 Poss Het Terrazzo, Cinder, Amel, Hypo $50.00

    Hey there, I have some normals from my het terrazzo cinder amel hypo clutch that I am selling... 4.3 to be exact. I may release some cinders or maybe even some terrazzos but for now... I am going with some normals... they have fed at least two times on frozen/thawed mouse pinks and are...
  8. Emanon

    '14 Stripes and Bloods

    Hello, all of our animals are feeding on frozen/thawed mouse pinks, they are thriving! Certified FedEx shipper using SYR, guaranteed live arrival. Available : Butter Stripes 3.1 $45.00 (message for pics) Anery Stripes 2.4 $40.00 Anery Stripe 3.2 Hypo bloodreds ph amber $40.00 0.1 Amber...
  9. Emanon

    '14 Het Terazzo cinder amel hypo x same

    Hey all... I know I have been out of here but I have not been out alltogether lol... busy kids means busy life... some pics for that too lol. So here are some of the babies from the Het terazzo cinder amel hypo x same I did... gonna be fun! So... waddya think???
  10. Emanon

    Some of the new little guys!

    So I was taking some pictures for the old webbersite and I thought I would share some here! Amel motley ph hypo, blood, carmel, lavender 0.1 Amber ph stripe and I dig this pic... Anery het amel and hypo ph cinder (at least I think he is an anery... maybe cinder :shrugs: )
  11. Emanon

    Opal, opal motley or opal blood???

    Hey all, I had put this guy up for sale as an opal motley but the more I looked I wasn't sure he fit the bill. Parents... het hypo amel lavender caramel anery bloodred motley (anyone remember me talking about these guys?) Now... the fun part... the guy has a clear belly... blood looking head...
  12. Emanon

    Hypo Motley pair ph lavender, blood, amel, $60

    Hey there, I have a great pair of hypo motleys available. Feeding on frozen thawed mouse pinks... they are thriving. Paypal accepted plus 3% fee buyer pays actual shipping we will combine shipping on our other animals purchase 5 or more for a special discount
  13. Emanon

    Cinder het hypo, amel ph anery $125.00 0.1

    Hey all, I have an extra female cinder het hypo and amel ph anery. She has fed three times and shed once and doing very well. She is available for $125.00 If you are interested in a non cinder clutchmate (ph for cinder) we can talk about that. I also have other non related animals...
  14. Emanon


    Hey all... so my first cinders have been hatching/feeding and I am asking for some help lol... the parents are hypo het amel cinder anery and amel het hypo anery cinder... so... pictures right... ok... here goes So help a guy out lol... who looks like what to you? I will include some...
  15. Emanon

    Hypo Bloodred ph Amber $40 each

    Hello everyone, I have 2.1.1 Hypo Bloodreds ph amber available. They are feeding and thriving on frozen thawed mouse pinks. They have eaten at least 4 times and shed at least once. They are ready to go to their new homes! $40.00 each Buyer pays actual shipping. Guaranteed alive and...
  16. Emanon

    '12 Butter Stripes $80.00 pair

    Hello, I have 5.4 2012 butter stripes available. They have fed at least three times on frozen thawed mouse pinks and have shed at least once. They are healthy, looking great, and ready for their new homes! [SIZE="3"]$55.00 male/65 for females or $100.00 for a pair.[/SIZE Buyer pays actual...
  17. Emanon

    Hey all!

    I just wanted to drop a YES I AM ALIVE thread lol. I have been super busy... kids getting older and taking on hobbies, coaching more, life, there has been less time for the net! I am still breeding... got some het cinder, hypo, amel x same babies, butter stripes, hypo bloods ph amber, and...
  18. Emanon

    2012 is Finally underway for me!!!

    Wow it seemed to take forever but my Hypo bloods het amber finally started hatching... so far two hypo bloods... small clutch so every little pip counts lol. Oh and... hey there yall! Been a bit busy with my kids (3), work, coaching(2 sports), dogs (2), Mrs.(1), daughters horse endeavors...
  19. Emanon

    Hey there!

    So i took on a new team (soccer coach) which resulted in me being super busy... good busy but very little time on my hands... So her i am checking in saying hey! So... fill me in... what's new around here with the peeps? Breeding wise i am gearing up for some cool things but only time will...
  20. Emanon

    2011 het lava pewter pair $50.00

    Hello everyone I have a pair of het lava pewters available. They are from a lava papa and a pewter mama. They are about 6 months old now and are doing very well on lg pinks. No issues, just not going to keep as many around! Let me know if you are interested! Thanks, Shane