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Rich Z
Exclamation Trimming off some dead wood.

After reading a rather old, but lively thread, I really don't expect this site to ever come back to anything like it used to be, so I am in the process of pruning off a lot of dead wood to reduce the footprint this site takes up on my server.

I deleted all SPAM accounts that were only banned and still taking up space in the database.

Shortly I will be deleting all registered accounts that are more than 365 days old and have made ZERO posts since registering here. That will remove 12,476 inactive accounts. Yes, that will remove accounts that only have made private messages here, but my perspective of this is that since they have had no interest in participating publicly here, tough luck for them. Sorry, but there isn't any way for me to be able to exclude accounts containing just private messages from this purge of dead wood.

There may be other changes made as well. For instance I see a couple of forums that haven't had any new posts in months, so they might get consolidated into something else.

Probably will be other things that go under the scalpel as I look harder and more critically.

So just a FYI if you happen to notice that the site statistics will be changing drastically.