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Thanks for the reply, but I should've specified I was interested in captive-bred only. I realize that severely limits selection since it would seem almost no one who breeds Corn Snakes actually keeps and breeds for normal/wild-type. It's almost impossible these days to find anyone selling normals. I've purchased wild-caught like those on the Fauna ad twice in the past. Once was from a reptile show and the second time was from an online ad/seller. In both instances the snakes all had health issues and died or required euthanasia. I was a professional zookeeper for 15 years and I've kept herps for 40 years so I know my husbandry wasn't in question nor did I have any pathogens present in my own collection. I got burned by buying wild-caught that in both cases either had cryptosporidium in a couple cases or "mystery viral pathogen." Wild-caught may be the only way I can acquire the breeding project I want to start, but until I exhaust the possibility of *someone* breeding normals I'm not even considering wild-caught. Thanks again for the suggestion though.
Seems like locality corns are making a comeback as im seeing them more often. I see your in chicago. Im in nothern illinois and also into locality corns but im just starting to go down that road. Maybe i can help you find something.