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Nanci - why only 12 hours!? LOL!
I won him in a raffe that I bought like ten $1 tickets for. He was donated by Tom Crutchfield, for a benefit for USARK, put on by Cornsnake Supper Club. I was thrilled to win him, I just didn't have anything to do with such a nice snake! I spent hours talking to Bill and Kathy Love, till 2AM, debating if I should keep him or not.

Then I mentioned the situation to Don Soderberg the next day, and Don, being the wonderful person he is, offered to trade a male tessera for him. (Back in the days when tesseras were still selling for $1000!!) A tessera, at that time, was a dream snake- unattainable for me. But I knew what I would do with one if I had one!

And THEN Don turned around and gave the pied to his friend, who had always wanted one, but couldn't afford one. That tessera is my Gartersnake- the pride and joy of my collection. He had his first babies this year! Every time I see Don I tell him "I love my Gartersnake!!"