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Post 2020 update

After looking over all 11 babies from my 2020 Green blotched snow x [regular] snow ALL babies display halo borders, with very clear areas of the saddles that are not going to yellow.

This confirms my suspicion that Green blotched is the Homozygous phenotype and Halo is the heterozygous phenotype. At least as far as I have interpreted the information we have so far.

I bred a Halo male to 2 non-halo females last season also (both amel types) and some of the amels from those breedings are beginning to show yellow flecks in the borders as well. But not all of them. So this also seems to be a sign pointing to it being a Co-Dominant mutation.

I say Co-Dominant instead of incomplete-dominant because of the way the colors are presented. The yellow is either all throughout the saddles & in the borders (green blotched) or only in the saddle borders (halo). This differs from mutations like pamletto, which is a hypomelanistic type in het form but a leucistic type in hom form. So to me this seems more similar to the co-dominant type of phenotypes than in incomplete dominant phenotypes.

If I remember biology class: co-dom with red & white flowers produced flowers with some red stripes and some white stripes; inc-dom with red & white flowers produced pink flowers. In this case: full yellow x no yellow produces areas of some yellow and areas without the yellow.

Anyone's thoughts on this are welcome! I am still going to be working with the gene. This season I am breeding Halo x Green blotched siblings and will hold back the babies a year or so to see how they develop. I will also be breeding the halo male to an okeetee who has wild caught ancestors not too far back (grandparents, i believe). Not as good as breeding to an actual wild caught, but I will take what I can get for testing.