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Rich Z
In my much younger days I caught two snakes underneath the eroded out edge of a road at Lock Raven Reservoir in Maryland. One was a very dull looking brown blotched snake and the other had blotches of remarkably brilliant red. I thought for certain that I had luckily caught a milk snake and a corn snake at the same spot. But alas, they were both eastern milk snakes. Not that that fact made it a poor day of snake hunting! The color difference between the two was astonishing and I understand why I was confused about the ID. And I had already worn out books with pics of both, even at that young age.

So it is pretty easy to be confused about positive IDs on snakes unless you are very VERY familiar with them. And, unfortunately, without a photo, the one that is the topic of this thread will likely never have it's actual ID known unless it shows up again.