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At the pet store the staff said that I should feed my corn snake 2 hoppers, not one adult mice. However, she didn't specify how ofter. I normally fed the snake once 1 week with the hopper, so my question is how often should I feed two hoppers?
Short answer is that it depends on your snake. How old is it? You can pick up a scale that reads in grams and use the Tried and True Munson Plan, which a lot of us here ascribe to. Do a quick search on that term, and you'll find it easy.

General rule of thumb is to feed your snake a mouse that's no more than 1.5x the girth of the widest part of your snake, and that it's better to feed one larger mouse than two smaller ones, even if the total weight is the same. But again, it depends on the snake. If it refuses to eat an adult (might be intimidated by the size) then by all means, feed hoppers. But keep trying to offer a small adult.