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The auratumstrped is het caramel was sold as pos caramel, and the orange i used in the breed is het motley and het caramel in this clutch you now 6 eggs 4 orangemotly's and two orange.The question was is the auratum maybee hom toffee becouse of the 6 out of 6.Yesterday a clutch the Auratumstriped x ultramelmotley het caramel, 1 buttermotley, 1 golddustmotley , 1 oarangemotley and 1 orangemotley stil in the egg.So the auratumstripe is now for sure het caramel , but not homo toffee.At the time a got the auratum ,two was offered one darker and one brither , i choose the brither one. This is what the little dif is what i see in the first clutch the diffenece is, het caramel and not het caramel, nothing more . In this clutch Murphy had us only in the caramel i think.