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Wow that was a lot of text to read!

I'm not very good with genetics. What is your next step in trying to figure out if it inc-dom or recessive? If you can prove it out what other morphs can you see it being combined with in the future?

Either way the halos are all very cool looking!
I believe I've already proved it is not recessive.
The 2011 breeding was between a Male Amel that didn't show yellow borders X Caramel motley - no way to know of the Caramel Motley 'shows' the Halo or not due to the melanin.
The 2014 breeding was between a Female Snow that didn't show yellow borders X Golddust Motley - once again, no way to know if he was Halo or not.
Then I took the two visual Amels and bred them together in 2015 (the Male Amel from 2011 and the female Snow from 2014). This resulted in no additional yellow at all. There were both Reverse Okeetees and Snows from that breeding, but even after holding them back for a year, none of them showed any yellow borders.
If it WAS recessive, there should have been Halo offspring from that breeding. Since there was not, I don't believe it's recessive.

As for it being Incomplete-Dominant or Dominant, more testing will have to be done on the Green Blotched from this line. It'll be years before I do that breeding, so maybe someone will get to it first? I know Don S. has some nice Green Blotched Snows that he's breeding, but I'm unsure if he's done any actual testing on it (probably not since he indicated to me that 'someone else' should do it lol). It it at least inheritable in the first generation, that I know for sure.

The hardest part about Halos and Green Blotched is that the yellow isn't obvious at first, sometimes it takes up to a year for it to come in. So most breeders don't want to hold back 30 babies for a year to wait for that.

As for what the future holds... I've seen it in Amels, Snows, Blizzards, Mandarins, Peppermints, Butters, and all those + pattern the mutations. I think I'd eventually like to see how it works with Lavender since Opal combos are the only Amel based mutations that may not be able to show it. Aside from that (which I plan to try in the next few years), I'm unsure where I hope it goes...?

Personally, I love the idea of extreme Reverse Okeetees with teeny-tiny red saddles and huge yellow borders. I also love the Frosted Halo Snows a lot - that's where I'll be taking my personal Halo project. I know that someone who purchased some from me is going to 'implement' it into Coral/Salmon lines (again, for some reason?). I've also heard that a few people want to see how it interacts with other hypo-types like Dilute and Strawberry. Since those are more light-colored hypo-types, they might allow some of that Halo yellow to peek through.