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I raise both Button and Coturnix quail for food. I use the eggs to feed my egg eating snakes. They both hatch out after 17 days incubation and are crazy cute. You'll need to grind their feed at first if you are using either crumbles or pellets. They grow very fast; pullets laying eggs at 6 weeks post hatch. The hens are prolific layers too. I get eggs 6 out of seven days a week and all winter if I give them light. I keep them outside all winter in the coop with the my chickens (they have their own enclosure). I don't provide additional heat but I do have heated waterers because it gets very cold here in the winter. I've never lost an animal to weather but I did lose a colony to a racoon. It reached into the pen and pulled the quails wings and legs through the wire and then chewed them off. It was awful. So I changed the housing design and eliminated the murderer. Otherwise they are one of the easiest animals I own.
BTW the eggs are delicious! If you end up with more than one male, you will need to separate them or feed off the extra males.
Best of luck!