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Hypo truly is a four letter word

Some history:

Years ago, I bred a very large anery to a ghost het for amel. I hatched out 19 eggs. All the babies were typical aneries. Nothing hypo looking at all. No snows. And I decided to keep back a single female to breed back to the father.

I expected to get all aneries from the daughter's clutch of 13 eggs. So imagine my surprise/dismay/aggravation when out popped 3 hypo looking babies. And they don't look like your typical ghosts, being much 'cooler' in color, rather than the warmer brown/grays I'm used to.

Photos of the two females as compared to some normal anery siblings.

So. What sort of hypo am I faced with? It doesn't look like lava. It's definitely not sunkissed. That leaves basically dilute, right?