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dave partington
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1) Only a moderator can add a thread to this forum.

2) There will be one, and only one, thread per each individual/distinct cultivar/cultigen/morph.

Color combinations with pattern genes will have their own thread.

Selectively bred varieties will have their own thread using their genetic make-up, if any
Don said back in 2011 at the supper club get together that there was around 750,000 combinations of genes/traits/locality/pattern in existence in the CS trade, out of an estimated 7 million possible combinations. This was before scaleless, kastanie, rosy, upper keys, and a couple dozen other new baseline classics became widely available.

I've noticed on some other sites that anyone can start a new gene/pattern/morph combo thread. As your regulations state, only a moderator can start a new thread. I was kind of hoping some of the other members of Team Mod would have started some new threads by now. Is there any slight chance we could give that a try here, but if it doesn't work out, go back to the way it is now? I'm not getting any younger and have photos I'd like to contribute before I'm deceased. Thanks for any considerations. dp