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Rich Z
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Nice candy canes are getting harder to find too. I started over trying to produce some nice ones, but it's a long term project. Keep an eye out for the SMR reverse Okeetee high white. I bought a male last year and he's closer to a candy cane than most candy canes I have seen for sale.
Oh yeah, that Candy Cane project I had ran the longest time of any projects I ever did, and I was never really all that happy with the results. Problem was that the orange in the background just wasn't visible in the babies, so I had to wind up keeping a bunch of them for about a year before making the cut. It seems that any project that relied on selective breeding to try to reach a specific goal was always a whole lot more of a headache than any that just relied on straight genetics.

I think Carol was working on some very nice lines, particularly from what she was getting out of the Cinder (I still like the name "Ashy" better! ) line. You might want to look into what she is offering.