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Reasonable pricing question, how much to pay?

Let me know if this is inappropriate to ask here, it seemed the most likely place to put it.

I have a question regarding pricing for corn snake sales. Pretty much every 'infofact' blog/video/etc I see says that Corns can be found for, like, $30-50 bucks and are super good starter snakes as a result. However, I feel like I've not seen prices lower than $75-$100 on any sale sites, and those were babies, very few in number, and usually already sold. I also feel like that price estimation never takes into account the shipping costs. It's difficult to gauge what is a good deal when you're expecting $50 and getting $200 plus $50 S&H, imo. Am I just not looking during the right time of year to find the good deals?

If one was looking for a yearling-to-adult aged, pet-quality snake of a relatively common morph, in good health and from a reputable captive-bred source, what would be reasonable pricing to be prepared to pay? How much did you spend on your Corns, and when/how did you obtain them?