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A couple of things: obviously price is very dependant on morph. If you're looking for a pretty common morph (normal, amel, anery, snow, and a few others), you can expect to pay under a hundred dollars before shipping. Shipping in the United States usually costs between 40 to 60 dollars. It is kind of pricey, unfortunately, but it can be avoided by buying locally. If you're not looking for a rare or multi gene morph, you can probably find someone selling one locally. You can check Craigslist, Facebook, as well as this site,, and morph market. If you use morph market, you can sort by location to hopefully find someone local. You can also go to local expos or reptile stores. As a last resort, you could possibly buy one from a big box pet store, but only if you're quite certain that their snakes are cared for properly. So I would ask about feeding records at the very least.

The second thing is that if you're willing to wait just a month or two, there are going to be a lot more babies available (and potentially yearlings as breeders clear out their last year's holdbacks). Corns usually breed in the spring or early summer, so babies are usually hatching in the summer or early fall.

If you decide to have one shipped, definitely check reviews of the seller before sending money. Morph market has a review system or if you don't see reviews there, there's a Facebook group for feedback or inquiries.