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Rich Z
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Phew I thought my computer had a virus or something with all windows that popped up?

Once you get the ad thing figured out does the paid membership have the ability to disable ads? IE extra incentive for getting a membership.
My programmer suggested that I offer that option to paying memberships, but I told him to hold off till I get some base figures under my belt. I want to see what difference such a plan would make by having enough stats to compare. It was also suggested to me to have the ads ONLY displayed to unregistered visitors, since quite honestly, the greater bulk of visitors to any of my sites are unregistered or not logged in. But I need facts and figures to be able to make those kinds of decisions.

What I have here today is not going to remain, of course, because it is just way too overboard and a general pain in the butt to have to wade through to even see the website. The sidebar ads even cover over existing advertising that I have in place, even though they may very well be the major advertising vehicle used by InfoLinks, based on just the variety of ads I see on them.

I also use Google Adsense, but quite honestly this site doesn't generate much revenue at all through them. That is a "pay per click" method whereas the InfoLinks method is a "pay per impression" style. So with Adsense I only get paid if someone clicks on the ads, and with InfoLinks I get paid just for people viewing the ads here. To give you a measure of why I am trying to increase revenue from this site, last month only earned an average of 70 cents per day via Adsense.

Quite honestly, I would much rather be paid for providing an advertising company the opportunity to have people view their ads, no matter what they are, rather than via the Adsense method of not getting paid unless THEY provide ad content of interest to anyone who might thereby click on their ad. The "pay per impression" method puts the total burden of producing interesting ads on their shoulders. If their ads are uninteresting, and no one clicks on them, that is their fault, not mine. With the "pay per click" method, well, the reverse is true, as Adsense can pick any old garbage ads it wants, and if no one clicks on them, too bad for me.

Anyway, sorry about the excessive detail. I am trying to burn off the remnants of a migraine headache I got yesterday. If I just sit around thinking about the headache, it seems to just make it feel worse.

Also, there may be mistakes in my typing above, as the brain ain't firing on all cylinders, so please excuse the mess, if that is the case.