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Rich Z
From what I can see from my own desktop, none of those orange highlighted links really go much of anywhere. For instance in the bar above with those orange links, I see one that says "Annoying Ads". When I do the mouse over, it only says "More information about annoying ads. Get search results for annoying ads". Clicking on it only takes you to a dead on on the InfoLinks site.

These are completely useless, in my opinion. Of course, if InfoLinks is paying me to display them anyway, well heck, what do I care as long as they really aren't getting in the way of any thing here.

I'm hoping when this is all done I can tell which ads are the better producers and which ones are just a waste of space. If the best producers are the most intrusive and aggravating, I might be able to get my programmer to work them into the site structure better so they can still earn some income yet not be such a pain in the ass.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to screen shot those images for me so I can see what you are seeing on your phone. Maybe the ads are geared more for mobile device viewers, and if so, I could get my programmer to try to program them in accordingly to be only visible on such devices. IF that would be worthwhile pursuing, of course. If custom coding would cost more than the ads are worth, that would not be very smart of me to pursue.