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I took some pics of the trencher I bought and the trench I began digging to separate the bamboo from one of the fruit groves.

And the following pics are after Connie and I put in the 20" tall aluminum flashing barrier.

This was actually more tedious to do than I would have liked. Had the flashing been thicker and more rigid, it would have been much easier to fit it into the trench by pressing it down into the soft soil. But this flashing is pretty thin and although it should block the rhizomes (I have it tilted slightly at an angle so the rhizomes will tend to come up rather than down when they encounter the barrier) it's not something you can just press down on to cut it into the soil. But we got it done. Just enough above the surface where I should be able to see rhizomes crossing over the top. I will likely have to scrape the top of the barrier clear of soil every now and again, however.

I had to join two sections of flashing, and what I did was to bend the mating ends sort of "L" shaped in opposite directions so that short side of the "L" would catch on the other one's short side. Then I bent them together and pressed them tight and put evenly spaced pop rivets into the joint to hold it together. I was afraid that the flashing is so thin that it might buckle over time, allowing gaps that rhizomes could squeeze through. This way, just no way that can happen. Hopefully anyway.
I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to thank you for seeing the information it contains is really valuable... It looks awesome... I love it...