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There are a lot of techniques you can keep trying... don't give up hope yet. It took Vern 3 tries before she ate. The trick that worked for her was the paper bag** one. I put a live pinky in (poked a few holes with a skewer before any of this), folded the bag up and put it back in the viv, near, but not on, the hot side. 6 - 8 hours later, no pinky and a pudgy Vern. It was like the move to my house blew a fuse in her head and she forgot what a pinky was for. After that one, she's had no issue at all muching f/t pinks, with or without an audience.

**In case anyone's not familiar with a 'lunch' size paper bag...when open, the 'floor' area is maybe 3x5 inches and the side of the bag stands maybe 12 - 16 inches. Big enough to hold a sandwich and a can of soft drink. I'm not talking about a big grocery bag or anything like that.