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Lightbulb Looking for an older (7+ year old) Corn Snake for pet-keeping

Hi all,

I haven't been active on these forums since 2005 or so, when I had my first corn snake from SerpenCo. I had a really great experience with them, and with my snake, but about eight years ago I had to adopt my snake to a new home, specifically because I accepted a job that required my living on the road and constantly traveling.

I'm now living a stable life in a city, and would love to have a pet snake again, but my fiancÚ is worried about the time commitment that a baby snake poses. He's much more keen on the idea of my adopting an older adult snake, since that could entail a 10 year commitment or so, rather than a 20 year commitment to a pet.

Since I love snakes no matter their age, I figured this forum might be a good place to start - I've contacted a few breeders, but the oldest snakes I find for sale are 2 years old. Is anyone looking to rehome a retired breeder (say, a snake that is 7-10 years old), or simply is pairing down their collection? It seems that I've missed some of the more recent posts looking to do just that, but maybe someone else will see this and we can find a good match.

I'm just looking for a single snake, and am not a breeder--just looking for another snake buddy, so am hoping to not spend $700 on some super morph (even a normal would be just fine with me). Thanks for taking the time to read!

note: I originally put this in the wrong forum -- in the For Sale section. Apologies!