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Corn snakes in general are such good eaters that you can choose which method you prefer and it should be fine.

I prefer to feed in a separate container for a few reasons. One is so there is zero risk of accidentally ingesting substrate. Impaction is a pretty low risk, but I'd rather not risk it at all. Two is that it's very convenient for me to remove the snakes, feed them, and while they're eating, I can spot clean and refill water. Another reason for me is that not every snake I own gets handled every single week, so pulling them out to feed ensures that they get a bit of handling and get checked over at least once a week. Shy babies can also benefit from being placed in a small container with their pinkie. Sometimes if you try to feed them in their enclosure, they're either too scared to come out and eat or they simply don't explore enough to actually find it. Being put in a small container solves both of those issues, especially if they're also placed in a quiet, dark place.

The only thing I've ever heard people claim that is bad about feeding in a separate container is that it stresses the snake out and could cause a regurge. In my decade of keeping dozens of snakes, I've literally never experienced a regurge from moving the snake to feed - so I think that's a completely false claim.