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If you are going to use ambient room temps it is almost a must that you frame in the walls with studs, and insulate the walls and ceiling well. If you intend to brumate your snakes, you could leave one section isolated with the block walls, almost like a walk-in closet. I used a similar set up with the corns in storage containers for brumation with belly heat tape set to 55 degrees in case the little room got too cold. I don't brumate now, but some breeders insist upon it to get their snakes cycling quicker.

If you use drywall on the walls and ceiling, the snakes can't really escape. If you have a door leading down to this basement room there are rubber door seals that can be added to the bottom of the door so that the snakes can't get under it.

I had a utility sink which drained into a covered sump pit, and a sump pump forced the water outside through pvc pipe. I had a lot of snakes and reptiles, so bringing all their containers upstairs wasn't a great option.

I worked like a madman to get my snake room all set up the way I wanted it, but it took me years to finish the rest of the house. LOL.