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Ceramic or porcelain tile flooring is the best. Waterproof and damage resistant. There are also vinyl plank tiles available that are supposedly waterproof, and easy to apply, but more costly per foot. I have used solarium type flooring, and it worked well in the basement, however, it was 12 feet wide, so had one seam. Usually not a problem. I've seen wood plank flooring that snaps together and looks great, but although it is said to be water resistant, it can buckle if water enters the seams. A quick wipe up of spilled water isn't usually a problem.

I'm in the process of tearing the carpeting out of my snake room, and the local Home Depot has ceramic tile for 79 cents per foot. I'll buy some today.

I did have to run a dehumidifier when I had snakes and other reptiles in my Michigan basement.

I was worried about power failures too. In my area snowstorms or ice storms sometimes caused power outages that last for days. The snake room dropped to 38-40 degrees. I went to rent a generator and ceramic heater, but everyone else had the same idea. You may want to have an alternate source of heat available, or locate a used generator.