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Rich Z
Well, I am looking at doing a server migration right now. Doesn't make sense for me to continue paying for two servers any longer. So I took a look at the stats here. Only 11 posts made in the past 24 hours. Tsk, tsk... And there are only 18 remaining Contributor level members, and only 4 with personal forums. If this site were on it's own server, there would be no question about it going away. But sharing space with FaunaClassifieds on the server helps to keep this site at least looking like it is operating in the black. Especially with me dropping the expense of one server real soon.

I had a couple of people contribute rather recently, so I guess I'm committed to keeping the site running for at least one year from the last contribution. At that time (which will roughly be August 1 of next year) I will re-evaluate things, and see how the disk space and server loading in the new server is holding up, and decide what to do at that time. If server stats look OK, then no problem, I don't mind keeping this site running for the few people who still stop in here. But if I decide that dropping this site is prudent and reasonable, as it will begin costing me money to keep it running, the first thing I will do is to disable the contributor member payment option. Then the countdown starts for 1 year from the last payment received.

I am already dropping one of my other sites, which helped keep this site still on the table. That other site never went anywhere, and really just taking up what valuable server real estate needlessly. So the belt tightening is starting, I guess.

I am sorry I have not been able to keep this site interesting enough for you all since I retired from the business. I had hoped it had enough critical mass with the membership level we had at that time to continue, regardless, but looks like I was wrong.