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I'm not taking it personally. And I hope you know I'm not picking on you. I love to debate.

I've learned to let things go and pick my battles. I could be offended a hundred times a day if I let everything find its way into my personal sense of right and wrong. Do I find that particular statement offensive? No. In poor taste, sure.

I truly feel that PC has gone overboard. You can never know what people will find offensive, even something you wouldn't imagine ever could be. I do my best to not be mean to other people, but for goodness sake, some things are just not important enough to get your panties in a bunch over. There, now someone will be offended by my reference to women's underwear.
And I agree! That's why I mentioned earlier, about choosing my battles, with my children. I take that same approach with things I find offensive.

But as far as the part I highlighted in red, this is one subject that gets my panties all tangled into a tight ball!

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Most of us full time users haven't got that much to worry about, I don't think IMO....
We are all still posting away, having a cybertastic time, and no warnings for our behaviour....... So we obviously are staying within any guide lines that have been made...
These rules are made for new members that have been at other sites that play by different rules.... Even disagreements are fairly civil over here... LOL
I wouldn't worry about the size of the playing field, just enjoy the game and play away.... IMO
Sir, well said, as usual!