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The same thing would happen when any or all the recessive corn genes are used. For example:
aa - says don't make black - produces an amel
bb - says don't make red - produces an anery
hh - says reduce the amount of black - produces a ghost
cc - says to change alot of red to yellow - produces a caramel
dd - says to create the diffuse pattern - produces diffuse/bloodred
mm - says to create the motley pattern - produces a motley
ss - says to create the stripe pattern - produces a stripe
ll - says to create the lavender appearance - produces a lavender

Are these used by all breeders (Universal)
Originally Posted by Susan
And you can use whatever letter you want for these morphs as well as all the other recessive morphs.
You must have skipped over the very next line of my post. No, these are not "universal" letters. The Cornsnake Morph Guide uses the letters they like, another breeder uses letters that he or she likes, I happen to like those letters. Use whatever makes it easy for you...letter, number, symbol...