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Learning about my snake

I have been reading what I can find online in reference to my corn snake. When I bought him I was told he is a Crimson corn snake. I had no idea what that meant but hey I like red snakes!! So from the small amount I have found he would be a Miami or Miami phase hypo. So now the questions begin....

From what I have read a Miami corn snake is a normal corn snake from a certain part of Florida. Unless it can be directly related back to a WC Miami it would need to be referred to as a Miami phase or Miami like. So what makes a Miami or Miami phase a Miami in looks?

Would the Hypo (is it Hypomelanistic?) reduce the amount of black?

Why is he called a Crimson, where did that come from?

When he is an adult what would be different about him compared to any other Miami or Miami phase?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me on understanding my snake better!!! I would love to explain to my friends why he is a Crimson!