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2020 Hatchlings Update

No photos in this update, BUT I hatched 11 snows from the Green Blotched x Normal snow pairing in 2020. All but ONE have been determined to be halo. The one that isn't determined yet has high frosting and little to no saddle borders, so it will be months, or maybe up to a couple years, before I know for sure if she's halo or not. I assume she is halo, but her haloing, or lack thereof, will be the deciding factor on whether Green Blotched is the homozygous form of this mutation, halo being the heterozygous form. I'm unsure if I want to repeat the GB x Standard breeding this year, or breed her with something else (another halo, or even something completely different).
I'm holding back a pair of known halos from this pairing, though, and Will eventually post photos of all of them.