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Rich Z

Well this year the squirrels decided that our tangerines were pretty tasty and didn't seem very interested in leaving any for us. Not sure if it was just one VERY hungry squirrel or a few of them. They sure seemed to vanish in a hurry, and the trees in that one grove were just about stripped bare of fruit before I set up the hunter's blind and sent one to the happy hunting grounds. Not sure if I got the perpetrator as I saw another one helping itself to one of the other trees after that. When one showed up around the bird feeders around the same time and I made hawk food out of him, I stopped the problem before the Poncan tangerines started to vanish.

Next year I will start earlier keeping an eye on things. Shouldn't be too bad, as it seems between me giving the hawks a taste of squirrel meat and my rifle shooting skills has pretty much wiped the squirrels out around here. Been weeks since I have seen one. I still see at least one hawk stopping by to check for an offering, though.

Oh yeah, the squirrels also stripped our pear trees of fruit this year too. Any of you squirrel huggers out there that want them, come and get them. You are welcome to every last one of them to hug all you want.