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You have months left! Don't stress yourself or them out by trying constantly. Once a week is enough. Using a bare bin to mate them in will give you visual evidence in the event you miss it. Also, there is a smell to the yellow goo that leaks out after they are done that once you smell it, you will never forget. Not a bad smell, just distinctive. The smell of success! Once the female says yes, then what I do is put them together every two or three days until she refuses, then try one more time at whatever interval you are doing. If the other female becomes receptive during the breeding period for the first female, I would probably do Female A, Female B, day off, Female A, Female B, day off, and so on until both females refuse twice. Other people might tell you a different sequence like mate every day, or let the male try with both females on the same day. (If you're still waiting for the female to agree, and the first one does not, it's okay to try the male with the second female on the same evening. I never let the male keep trying after 30 minutes- if the female hasn't agreed almost right away, chances are very, very slim that she is going to change her mind that day. But they may need a few minutes to work it out, if them male hasn't mated before.) You really only need one successful lock for her to impregnate. So if you only get one lock- it will most likely be enough. I know it's so easy to get anxious your first season. Wait till you have eggs- then you can experience real stress! :-)