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Rich Z
Maybe found a new hobby

Always been fascinated by lasers, so when I saw that prices on laser engravers have been coming down, and one caught my eye, heck, why not? What I got is a diode galvanometer laser, and quite compact. Called a LaserPecker 2, of all things. I'm not sure how many people would understand (and not giggle) when I tell them I have one. It has a 5 watt laser, which is quite modest, but still can do a number on certain materials. You CAN light the material you are working on, on fire with one of these. I originally wanted to try to engrave some machined metal parts I have, but evidently (and as I found out) that requires a different type of laser. A pulsed fiber laser, to be exact. And those start at around 20 watts output before they get useful.

Anyway, just played around with it a little bit over the last couple of days, but I can see where experience will be necessary to be able to select the correct settings for a particular effect you want to achieve on the material you want to work with. LOTS of trial and error, apparently.

First two are on a scrap piece of plywood I had laying around in the garage. The second two are a couple of folding knives with the engraving done on the plastic. Steel doesn't leave a hint of a mark even at full power. Supposedly stainless steel will take a mark, but haven't tried that yet.

Wonder if I can put a fiber laser in my garage?