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Proven Female Tessera

Interesting story on this one... she was caught by someone in the wild, in Texas. Since Corn Snakes don't occur there naturally, and since no Tessera have ever been seen in wild populations (that I know of at least), this snake was likely an escapee. She came to me in trade from a well-known breeder in TX in 2020, and produced nice healthy clutches in 2021 and 2022. I don't know her age, but given her size/length/weight gain in the 2 years I have cared for her I suspect she was a virgin female when I acquired her and that would make her roughly 4-5 years old now. She currently weighs 425g after double-clutching this Spring, but I'm sure she will bulk back up to ~450 by time for brumation if well fed. I suspect she has some percentage of Miami in her, as a few of her young always have clean white backgrounds (paired with 2 different non-Miami males with same result. She is 100% Het Anery. I'm happy to answer any questions . $400 + shipping.